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Omtechmed (Om=Pranayam/Yoga, Tech=Technology, Med=Natural Remedies): Pranayama Yoga, Pranayama Breathing and Pranayama Benefits

Pranayama Yoga, Pranayama Breathing and Pranayama Benefits

Pranayama Benefits

In this article we are discussing benefits of yoga, pranayama and pranayama breathing benefits and techniques. Read this article word by word and I am sure your life will change completely after applying these few minutes techniques in your life. Hundreds of diseases are cured by pranayama. 

Pranayama Yoga, Pranayama Breathing and Pranayama Benefits

What is Pranayama

Pranayam is control of Breath. "Prana" is Breath or vital energy in the body. Prana represents the pranic/life energy responsible for life or life force, and "ayama" means control. So pranayama means controlling life energy.

The best time to do pranayama is early morning time you can also do it in evening time but have a gap of minimum 2 hours of food intake.

Benefits of Pranayama

  • Pranayama is able to relieve symptoms of asthma, allergies. 

  • Pranayama techniques are beneficial in treating a range of stress related disorder. 

  • Pranayama improves the autonomic functions. 

  • It reduces the signs of oxidative stress in the body. 

  • Practicing pranayama everyday can help to make steady mind, strong will power and sound judgement power.

  • Studies show that pranayama causes change in the cardio respiratory system including controlling of blood pressure 

  • Pranayama improves the body immune system. 

  • Certain pranayamas are excellent for weight loss.

Who should not do Pranayama

Pranayama should be practiced with care with expert guidance in some cases. It is not recommended for following persons- 

1- Any person who has gone through any surgery within few days. 
2- Pranayama is not recommended during menstruation, and pregnancy. 
3- Anyone with any form of heart condition, particularly if they have a recent history of heart attack.
4- Do with care and guidance if you have fever, bronchitis, or pneumonia.
5- Anyone going through radiation or chemotherapy.

Types of Pranayama

There are a total of five types of pranayam practice which are very beneficial, simple and easy to implement. All of them are explained here.

  • Bhastrika Pranayam 

  • Kapalbhati Pranayam 

  • Anulom Vilom Pranayam 

  • Bahya Pranayam 

  • Bhramari Pranayam 

Bhastrika Pranayam:

The word “Bhastrika Pranayama” comes from the Sanskrit word Bhastrika, which basically means breathing like a bellows.

Steps of Bhastrika Pranayam

Sit on floor on a mat relax your body and mind. Breathe in deeply through your nostrils. First, Take a deep breath in (inhale), filling the lungs with air and forcing the stomach out. After that gently breathe out and abdomen shrinking . In this inhaling and exhaling should take the same length of time-3 seconds to breathe in and 3 seconds to breathe out. While you breathe in feel in your mind that you are taking in positive energy and vibrations, and that you are being energised by them.During breathe out feel that you are taking out all the toxins from our body. With practice, speed up your breathing. Beginners should always start slowly to avoid hyperventilating, but eventually it will be possible to turn this into a rapid breathing technique. 

Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika pranayama increases the oxygen content in the blood. Extra oxygen replenishes the entire body.

This pranayama will relax your mind and you would feel positivity and freshness inside.

It removes blockages in the nose and chest

It improves appetite.

Bhastrika improves general health and activates all the organs.

Bhastrika purifies the nadis or the energy (pranic) channels in the body, ensuring free flow of prana to all the organs in the body.

Bhastrika destroys the defects of Vata (wind), Pitta (Bile) and Kapha (Phlegm) and balances these three.

Kapalbhati Pranayam: 

Kapalbhati means shining forehead clearly indicates your forehead and face will shine by this pranayama.

Steps of Kapalbhati Pranayama

First sit on the floor and close your eyes and keep the spine straight.

Now take a deep breath (inhale deeply) through your both nostrils until your lungs are full with air.

Now Exhale through both nostrils forcefully, so your stomach will go deep inside.

Do 4 sets of 50 earlier and after few days you can do upto 4 sets of 100.

Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati is very beneficial for weight loss

It cures constipation

It helps in curing breast cancer

Improves blood circulation in whole body

Strengthens stomach muscles

Great natural remedy for nerves weakness

Increases immunity power

Increases sex stamina and sperm count

Anulom Vilom Pranayam: 

Nerves Blockages Cure and Alternate Nostril Breath pranayama. In Anulom Vilom pranayama, breathing is done only through one nostril one by one. During this process, the other nostril is closed using the fingers. The thumb is used to close the right nostril and the ring finger is used to close the left nostril. 

Steps of Anulom Vilom Pranayama 

First of all close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breathing. 

Close the right nostril with the right thumb. Simply press the thumb against your nostril to block it. Inhale deep slowly through the left nostril. Fill your lungs with air. 

Remove your thumb from your right nostril. Keep your right hand by your nose and your lungs full of air. Most people find it easier to continue using the same hand to block either nostril, but you can switch hands depending on which nostril you’re blocking. 

Exhale slowly and completely with the right nostril. When you've finished exhaling, keep your left nostril closed. 

Inhale through the right nostril. Fill your lungs. 

Close the right nostril and open the left. 

Breathe out slowly through the left nostril. This process is called one round of Anulom Vilom Pranayam. 

You can continue for 15 minutes. You may take a minute's rest after every five minutes of exercise. For few days do for 5 minutes than slowly increase your time to reach 15 minutes process. 

Benefits of Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Most beneficial for breathing related problems like allergy, bronchitis, Asthama etc. 

Very beneficial for nerve problems, nerve blockages and any type of blockages in the body. 

Helps to cure mental problems like Depression, Anxiety, Tension etc. 

Improve the working of lungs.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama is the ideal pranayama for healthy heart. 

Bahya Pranayam: 

External Breath pranayama. ‘Bahya’ means ‘outside’. As the name indicates, the breath is kept outside during practice. 

Steps of Bahya Pranayam

This is also simple pranayam. Sit in a comfortable position. Breathe inside deeply then exhale completely to evacuate lungs as much as possible. 

Take a deep breath through your nose. Allow the lungs to expand and forcing the abdomen out then feel your chest expand with your collar bones rising last. After exhale hold your breath. Try to pull your stomach upward as much as you can, pull up the muscles in the area below the navel move your head in down position so that your chin touches your chest. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Then relax and get back to starting position. In case you are suffering from neck and back pain, do not move your head down. Just look straight. Repeat this process for five to ten times. 

Benefits of Bahya pranayam:-

It cures the reproductive organs related complaints.

Beneficial for diabetes patients.

cures the urinary and sperm related problems.

Cure Hernia completely.

Bahya pranayama helps to prevent constipation, acidity, gastric issues.

Bhramari Pranayam: 

Bee Breath The exhalation in this pranayama resembles the typical humming sound of a bee, which explains why it is named so.

Steps of Bhramari Pranayam

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Place your thumbs in your ears, your index fingers above your eyebrows, and your remaining along the sides of your nose. Keep each pinky finger near a nostril. 

Breath in deeply through the nose. Keep your lungs filled. 

Breathe out through the nose while humming. Note that the humming sound should originate in your throat, not as a result of your partially-blocked nostrils. Applying very gentle pressure to the sides of your nose.· 

Now concentrate your mind on the area between your eyebrows.· 

Keep your mouth closed; breathe out slowly through your nose with making a humming sound of Om. 

Repeat this process for 6 to 7 times. While doing this Pranayama assume inside that your are being connected to all the positive energies of the universe and you would feel lots of positivity inside. 

Benefits of Bhramari Pranayam

It opens the blockage and gives a feeling of happiness to mind and brain.

It relaxes the mind and lowers stress.

Pranayama benefits in Improving concentration and memory

Pranayama benefits in controlling blood pressure

Helps calm the mind in preparation for meditation

So these few pranayama will change your life and you will move towards a healthy and disease free life without any investment. Above 5 types of pranayama are very easy and too much beneficial. You can select few of them if you can not do all of them according to the benefits described above.


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